Treating Tennis Elbow Using Acupuncture

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Using Acupuncture to treat Tennis Elbow. Single session with effect in 24 hours.

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Facelift Treatment Special Facebook Offer

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The Age Defying Secrets of Facial Cupping Facelift Treatments The object of facial cupping is remarkable. As it brings Qi and blood to the surface of the skin. A very small cup is used with light pressure and oils. Cupping helps to diminish and plump fine lines, drain the lymph and release congestion held within the tissue giving the patient a refreshed look to their skin. Baihui offers facial cupping and recommended treatment is as follows: ½ hour session 2 x wk for 3 weeks. Treatment must be consecutive for the maximum benefits. When the...

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YouTube BBC Video – The Science of Acupuncture

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New patients are invited to watch this wonderful BBC documentary that explains acupuncture and the experience of treatment.  

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One of our friends on Facebook had a question about whether or not we use Kinesio tape.  I had never heard of this and when I quickly researched it I found interesting facts about its use, so much in fact, I am seriously considering becoming “certified” in this modality.  Taping has only been done for the past 30 years.  Typically, sports taping is done to immobilize joints.  Kinesio tape “supports” muscles and joints.  Bruising vanishes and swelling reduces without limiting range of motion.  Kinesio is used...

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Acupuncture Heals

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The body heals itself, acupuncture frees the energy to allow healing.

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A Wellness Approach

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Acupuncture offers a wellness approach that western medicine does not employ. Patients can and do seek treatment with acupuncture without having an illness present. Preventive treatment is cost effective allowing patients to maintain their own healthy way of being. Once illness is present, acupuncture and herbal formals address the root or underlying cause of the issue. Often, symptoms disappear once the underlying issue is treated.  Acupuncture effectively reduces stress, gives the patient a sense of well being, induces deep states of...

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