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The Age Defying Secrets of Facial Cupping Facelift Treatments

The object of facial cupping is remarkable. As it brings Qi and blood to the surface of the skin. A very small cup is used with light pressure and oils. Cupping helps to diminish and plump fine lines, drain the lymph and release congestion held within the tissue giving the patient a refreshed look to their skin. Baihui offers facial cupping and recommended treatment is as follows: ½ hour session 2 x wk for 3 weeks. Treatment must be consecutive for the maximum benefits. When the skins begins to look less vibrant after the completion of the initial session a ½ session should be booked to refresh the skin. (See exclusive facebook offer at the bottom of this blog post.) Most people can go about six months before they need a refreshing treatment. Some patients elect to do this on a monthly basis. This skin treatment is wonderful for proms, brides, wedding parties and of course the holidays are an excellent time to give this in the form of a gift certificate.

The design of facial cupping becomes different. Smaller cups are used with far less pressure. The design of this cupping is to invigorate, refresh and pull out congestion from the tissue. Lymph points are also drained. Bruising does not occur but the qi and blood are brought to the surface to diminish and plump fine lines, creating a youthful and healthy look to the skin and face. A healthy glow is seen afterwards with the skin taking on a translucent quality.

What does cupping mean when you see purple round marks on people’s back or legs ?

When pain; dysfunction and chronic conditions are present in the body after injuries have occurred deep in the muscle causing deep bruising and often times soreness, accompanied by edema (swelling) and coagulations of sticky protein. Cupping from an acupuncturist might be recommended.

The object of cupping used by the Chinese for thousands of years forms a vacuum drawing up to the surface of the skin non-circulating stagnant blood and sticky fluids, held deep within the tissues. Cupping frees the body from pain and congestion so that healthy blood/fluid circulation can be restored to the affected area bringing in oxygen to the tissue cells, water, and nutrients aiding in a faster recovery.

The marks from cupping indicate how much dead static blood, dehydration, lymph and cellular debris are residing inside the tissues.

The color and the pattern of marks give us an indication and very important information. Color can range from bright pink, lasting a few hours to dark purple lasting up to a week. The darker the color the more stagnation is present inside the tissue.

In our Western culture we have a mis-understood interpretation of seeing “damage” rather than the result of toxins and pathogenic factors being drawn to the surface for release and healing. Therefore, many people often are very uncomfortable seeing this after-effect.

When old traumas and injuries occur to an area multiple cupping treatments would be indicated to pull out stagnation from deep layers to be healed and released.

> SEE what facial cupping looks like.

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