Auricular Acupuncture -Using parts of the body by needling corresponding ear point, which promote Qi (energy) and blood in the channels and collaterals to adjust the Zang Fu organs of the body.

Advantages - Stress reduction (NADA protocol used), weight loss, anxiety, high blood pressure, diabetes, relaxation prior to dental work,  and the  prevention of diseases.  Auricular points have little to no side effects.

Acupuncture - Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM theory is based upon the primary relationships of Yin and Yang, the five elements, 12 regular and divergent meridians, 15 collaterals, 12 muscle meridians and 12 cutaneous regions.  Differentiations of syndromes or imbalances are based on the 8 principles of diagnosis, which is based upon hot/cold, internal/exterior, Yin/Yang, Deficiency/Excess.  All needles used are sterile, used only once and are immediately discarded.  One needle is not used in one place and then transferred to another.  Each patient is given a full western medical and traditional Chinese medical intake.  It is important to be aware of your Western Medical diagnosis and medications currently in use.

Tongue – is an important part of TCM diagnosis.  Each patient is asked to stick out their tongue and we asked patients not to brush their tongues prior to each visit. Tongue body,  shape, coat and color all tell the practitioner about the condition of specific internal organs that are present on the tongue.

Pulse -Wrist pulses on the right and left wrist will be evaluated and “listened” to.  Differentiation of pulse qualities tell the practitioner about the condition of Qi and Blood, is the condition chronic and acute, is there obstruction of the blood, is the condition in excess or deficiency or if the condition is hot or cold.  A total of 9 pulses are “listened” too on both the right and left wrists.

Electro Acupuncture – After the needles are inserted and Qi is obtained, wire clips are attached and an electric current is passed through to strengthen and alter the nature of stimulation.

Advantages -Pain relief. Weight loss.

Cautions – Patients with Pacemakers, intensely spastic muscles, and patients with a history of heart disease would not be eligible for this modality.  Therefore, it is important to let the practitioner know prior to treatment you have a history of heart disease or you currently have a pace maker in place.  

Moxibustion - (Moxa) is the application of heat either directly or indirectly applied  a specific area of the body or acupuncture point for the purpose to expel cold and damp, helps to regulate the Qi (energy) and blood, opens the 12 primary channels and restores a weakened constitution.

Advantages - Moxa is good for asthma, arthritis, vomiting, diarrhea, rheumatic pain and abdominal pain, headache, and cough. Moxibustion helps to prevent disease and stay healthy.  Moxa comes in the forms of cones, sticks and loose rolls. 


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Diane is trained as a Master in Reiki, thus every patient receives Reiki through her touch. If patients are interested in individual Reiki sessions without acupuncture through Baihui, Reiki can also be arranged. If patients are interested in becoming “attuned” to Levels I, II or Master Level this can also be arranged individually or in small groups.

Warming Method which is fixed and good for rheumatic numbness. Rotation method used in a circular pattern for large coverage for rheumatic pain, skin diseased and trauma to soft tissue.  Pecking method used for stronger illnesses. Heated needle and warm needle method is used when loose moxa is rolled onto the head of the needle.  Heat is transfer deeper and more directly to the affected area. Moxa box is used when moxa is placed inside a box and is used to warm large areas, usually applied to the abdomen.

Cautions - Pregnancy. If sensory response is diminished. Elderly.

Color Therapy uses a light pen to direct light through a specially ground colored crystal. It can be used and applied to acupuncture points when used in combination with needle therapy depending upon the TCM diagnosis. I have developed a specific protocol using color on acupuncture points when patients are off balance and have trouble standing.  This is called “Polarity Balancing” and is specific to Baihui.

Tui Na is a Chinese Medical Massage that is used with specific hand techniques to move Qi and Blood. Pediatric massage or Tuina is a useful therapy for children from birth to approximately twelve years of age. This is a distinct specialty within Chinese medicine because children present a different energetic framework than adults. Adults can be treated with Tuina as well. Pediatric massage techniques offer a way to influence the energetic qualities of the child without the invasiveness of acupuncture. Indications of pediatric disorders: abdominal distension, asthmas, bronchitis (acute), colic, cough, diarrhea and others.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a soft touch hands on therapy often used in combination with acupuncture.  I have found Jin Shin accelerates healing when combined with the needles and acupuncture points when used specifically for sexual, food and chemical dependencies.  The auricular ear points or NADA protocol  are used in combination with addictions as well.  This is specific to Baihui.

Cupping - Cupping is a therapeutic treatment which can be used alone or in combination with moxa and acu-therapy to enhance treatments. The function of cupping is to warm, move Qi (energy) and move the blood in the meridians. Cupping can create slight bruising. Cups can be moved up and down the back with oil to pull out stagnation in the body. Cups are placed against the skins surface and a partial vacuum is created. Cupping helps the following conditions: headache,dizzyness, cough, asthma, pain in the tendons and bones, epigastric pain, vomiting, diarrhea and indigestion.  Also used to treat the common cold, memes pain, poison snake bite and non-ulcerated furuncles. CautionsCupping is contraindicated for skin ulcers, high fever, patients who bleed easily, thin muscles and skin, semiconscious patients, edema, convulsions, abdominal and sacral regions of a pregnant woman, dermatitis and severe allergic skin. 


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