“WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?”  Acupuncture reduces your stress, balances the entire body and “you, the patient” are left with a deep sense of well-being, and relaxation often described by patients saying “I feel as though I have been in a deep mediation, I feel so calm and peaceful.”  Often this state of well-being will last for days.

 How Does It Work? After many years of being asked this question I am hard pressed to describe an Eastern Medical System in Western Medical terms.  Western language describes endorphins being released  that make the patient feel well, but in all honesty I have come to a different conclusion.

In my opinion the needles actually “communicate”  with each other by electrical impulse and then the practitioner adds their own energy creating a larger charge on the end of that needle. The practitioner decides from a patients intake what channels need to be balanced and the acupuncture points are then selected. I can see a needle actually being “pulled” in by the body after insertion to a slightly deeper level.  When the point is balanced,  the energy is no longer needed and the needle may fall out on its own. The body always knows best –  and patients should not be concerned if this happens during a treatment.

I feel the needles connect to the fascia in the body, which envelopes us like a gigantic web, almost like  a large meshed fishing net. The fascia directs communication from one part of the body to the next, resulting in a gigantic highway of communication and electrical impulses.  When the needle hits the fascia, communication begins and the fascia directs and helps to carry the signals to where they need to be.  Yes, our bodies do have intelligence and communication.  Everything is connected and that’s the entire root of acupuncture – we are a whole person, not divided into parts, and everything affects everything. Our bodies are not static but are in a constant flow and flux. When that energy stops becomes stagnate and no longer moves, imbalance and disease are created and  sometimes even death occurs.  Acupuncture keeps things moving for health. Movement is health!


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